Thursday, December 18, 2014

this makes me sad

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed.


their new and old shoutboxes work.. ONE NEW BOX HERE  ......

other bad news is kinda personal someone from  work is moving  and i loved her.. but  w/e 

so heres some azn tits :)


Saturday, December 13, 2014

fuck ass shit wtf mang..

the HASKEL420 SHOUTBOX  is down..  scuttlecunt had the same brand of box and he removed his too..  i asked their box and they all said the CHATNGO site got DDos  W/E 
im not sure if im gonna put another up untill i see whats going on over there at  TAYLOR SWIFT IS  25  TODAY..she can now rent a car..


first off  NO  UR WRONG DUMBSHIT,,and second  who shoots a dog in the middle of the road..  i guess  she meant like being hit by a car..  but i showed her  2 images of MIKE BROWN assault the store owner after the robbery  and its all dated  aug 9.. and she shut her trap..LOL shouldnt ALL LIVES MATTER..

SO TELL ME WHATS NEW WITH YOU.. fuck all this ONLINE shit..  whats really going on with ya..  ??  about  50 degrees out there and imma go for a bike ride..50 outside  and people are wearing SHORTS  and like  4 shirts..  WTF..

heres some nude asian girl ENJOY


oh oh  and btw..  i have a stalker thats turns into a good friend..  heres some back story..  i would ride up to the store and see this dude buying beer all the time..  on the way home id see him going to the woods to one ay im in the store wearing a pantera  SHIRT  and hes like YEAH PANTERA..  so i said YEAH BUDWIESER.. then he asks me if i got a WUUBIE  to smoke..  thats the term he uses a WUUBIE..  i smoked a couple bowls in the woods with him and went on my way..  then around he same time everyday he would be at the store  ,,he does day labor and is off work  around when i get anyway we started hanging out  and hes such a weird fuck..  hes done time in prison in NEW YORK  and every fucknig thing we see reminds him of prison  and then he talks about it ..but hes such a vikki drunk that he will mention something  but then forget it and tell me the same fucking story 3 or 4 times..Hey man nice lawnmower (HONDA) ..then he says YEAH INPRISON I CUT GRASS  WITH THE SAME gets quite annoying though..  and he drinks at least  an 18pk a day..very strange too he doesnt smoke inside his ouse  weed or cigs..just in the garage  ..he also doesnt wanna drink inside  cause  he doesnt wanna damage anything  LOL..  oh well ok im off  gonna do some XXXmas shopping  and then fin him and have some drinks..

Thursday, December 4, 2014


this chicks pretty cool..  even if she does look like KKARRUUUULLLL  from TWD..

jajaja  for realz..

Sunday, November 30, 2014

shine bright like a diamond

shine bright like a diamond
buttplug in ur behind
i fapped to this a lil bit
looks nice but has too little tits


jajaja paquets ramen haired girlfriend

Saturday, November 29, 2014

electrojed electrojed

electrojed electrojed
his wife got tits the size of your head
a big as BETH from the bounty hunter show
too bad her face looks like Jim Norton

^^  i know it doesnt rhyme but  its catchy.. no VL links jejeje

jajaja  BOOBS 

jajaja see what i mean..

Saturday, November 22, 2014


well ive really got nothing to say except  IM SORRY.. :)  sorry to the SBers  that ive been know who both of u are..LOL..  sorry to WHITE AMERICA  for media making it seem like it was YOUR FAULT OR GUILT  over the recent black criminals that have died for their actions..  and sorry to macs friends who havent actually been affected by the blog removal since everyone stayed in the sb over there anyway  LOL..

yes macy li is  CUTE  but i dont know anything aboot her..LOL..  ive bene other places online  MOSTLY twitter an FB  talking shit to people about  3 things 

3. trayvon martin

its so fun seeing the mentality of these idiots on twitter..i love saying POINTS  like 'mike brown started all this over  48 bucks worth of blunts..  AND I ACTUALLY HAD SOME IDIOT TRY TO TROLL and say that MO doesnt have legal weed..  and i was like WHAT  and he was trying to explain the diff between BLUNTS  and CIGARS..  but he was trolling or some H.S. kid  lol..  some even say MIKE BROWN WAS KILLED FOR JAYWALKING..lolso funny..  HERES SOME TITS.. 

OK  so that was nice  but yeah..  im still on the GAY IS A CHOICE  kick too..  its pretty funny how UNACCEPTING  and INTOLERANT  gay supporters are..  "why would someone CHOOSE to make their life harder.."  is some shit they say..  and i reply  THEY DONT CHOOSE TO MAKE THEIR LIFE HARDER  THE HATERS A ND TORMENTORS DO.. or some say  WELL WHEN DID YOU CHOOSE TO BE STRAIGHT..  which is a sarcastic easy and juvenile thing to answer..  its funny too cause ive actually answered that GAY IS A CHOICE BECAUSE IM STRAIGHT AND I KNOW I COULD GO GAY F I WANTED..  and its makes them  THIS POST SUCKED 

a EX~GF of mine from a few years ago contacted me  and shes back in town..she looks great,,we readded each other ONLINE  and idk maybe something GOOD will happen..  its been yearssssssssssssssss

Saturday, November 1, 2014

female black scammer Shanesha Taylor

but i guess to you calling her female and black is sexist and racist..  and if i put Christian then its anti Semitic..if i make a reference to her weight and girth then its fat shaming..  lol  Shanesha Taylor was portrayed by the media as a homeless black woman who was forced to leave her kids in the car while she 'just tried to go for a job interview'..  she was looking to raise 9k online donations..BUT RECEIVED ABOUT 100K..   "This is a women's issue, a poverty issue, a gender-equality issue, a race issue, a class issue, a single mother's issue." ..IS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK..

her mug ..
  wah wah wah well that was in APRIL.. now 6 months later she has ZERO $$$$$ AGAIN  she claims.. she blew her second  chance and it now going back to court and probably JAIL.. thats sad only for the kids side of it..  ROCO will probably come to her defense though..FUNNY HOW HE BANNED ME IN FOXMANS CHANNEL LAST NIGHT..BUT THEN FOXMANS CHANNEL GOT BANNED..  weird..   103 degrees in the car  for over an hour..DEFEND THAT PLEASE..115k donated by 4053 people.. SOSAD..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 links that no longer work

3 LINKS THAT NO LONGER WORK 'FOR NOW'  but ill update when they do again..  honestly im sadder about MACS blog being gone that the other 2..   the other 2 i assume were her own doing  BUT MACS  was taken cause a GOOGLE BOT thought macs blog was a ROBOT SPAM BLOG  ..  im over being banned on macs boxes..  it doesnt really matter..  i feel its almost more of a loss to THEM than me..  so anyway heres some links..  :)



heres a nipple  and NO it isnt mine..  or MACS 


Saturday, October 11, 2014

black couple in a car

so since ROCO doesnt want me talking about current BLACK events  well heres another one.. this time the headlines read BLACK FAMILY CAR WINDOW SMASHED BY WHITE COPS  lol  if you havent seen the video ill post it below heres what happened..  a black female driver wasnt wearing a seatbelt in HAMMOND INDIANA she got pulled over  by WHITE POLICE OFFICERS  ..  then they had a tence standoff in the car..the black people saying things like WE ARENT GETTING OUT OF THE CAR to shit like WE DONT KNOW IF YOU ARE REALLY COPS  and they were refusing to show their IDs or tell who they were..  THIS WENT ON  FOR OVER  13 MINUTES..  cops gave them plenty of chances  adn warnings  but it was going on  for way too long..  the passenger says he was going into his backpack to show a ticket he got recently cause that would show WHO HE IS  lol  what a fucking joke..there were 2 kids in the car  14  and 7(maybe 9)  and the 14 yr recorded some of this on his cellphone..the blacks in the car  ask for a WHITE SHIRT  lol  a WHITE SHIRT is a high ranking officer in  JAIL  not what you call a ranking officer on the street.. so the cops break out the window and stungun the dude..  I LMFAO EVERYTIME I SEE THE VIDEO..

someone was arguing that THEY WOULDNT HAVE DONE THIS IF THE FAMILY WAS WHITE..but i argue that the WHITE family wouldnt have acted like these people..same with TRAYVON AND MICHAEL BROWN..  they make these weird scenarios saying 'IF TRAYVON WAS WHITE ZIMMERMAN WOULDNT HAVE PAID HIM ANY ATTENTION..  but in that world you have to make every previous burglar in that area WHITE as well in mike browns situation did WHITE MICHAEL BROWN also have a friend with him while they robbed a store,,and was he also waking down the middle of the road,,then 'allegedly' assault the police..



Friday, October 10, 2014

that fucking BROWN guy

so this is a short rant about MICHAEL BROWN  so heres what this is about a couple of months ago A COP SHOT A GUY  thats all  but it isnt all.. this guy MICHAEL BROWN (MB) was  in FERGUSON ST LOUIS with his homie DORRIAN JOHNSON.. they go into a store and while at the counter MB steals a pack of 'BLUNTS' ..actually hands them back to DJ and then stuffs a few more packs into his pockets  THEN GRABS THE WHOLE DISPLAY AND SOME FALL ONTO THE FLOOR..  he even tries handing a 'FREE' pk to a woman walking by.. then they go to leave and the clerk tries stopping them  BROWN huffs and puffs and threatens the clerk then grabs him by the throat and throws him to the fucking ground like KANE  ..  then they leave..

so they are walking down the street now possibly having just smoked a blunt or about to get ready to..(nothing wrong there YA KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN MY NIGGA) but yeah soa cop drives down the st and says to them HEY FELLAS CAN YA GET ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD..something goes down and the officer shoots the BROWN GUY..  the cop was white..  so a few hours go by and this goes on the news and then headlines read WHITE OFFICER SHOOTS UNARMED BLACK TEEN.. 

NOW people are going crazy wanting to know why this 'kid' got shot.. i think a day later now im watching CNN/HEADLINES NEWS and MSNBC  and they are saying theres a video from a convenience store that MAY SHOW mike brown in it ALLEGEDLY stealing cigars and possibly assaulting the clerk..  and they start showing STILL images from the security cameras  heres a couple of them..

now heres whats so funny between the two  ..cnn/headline news  and MSNBC  both were showing the first set of images saying HOW CAN HE BE ASSAULTING HIM HES 4 FEET AWAY,,UNLESS HE HAS 4 FT LONG ARMS HOW I DONT SEE HOW HE CAN BE CHOKING OR PUSHING DOWN THE CLERK..  then i flip to FOX NEWS to hear the rest of the truth about this and they show all 6 images there  with Brown grabbing the guy by the throat and collar and then shoving him to the ground..

according to the cops and by the events that followed the SHOOTING isnt on camera because the cop car camera was facing forward and this incident happened on the side oft he vehicle.. but there may be audio..I WANNA HEAR THIS AUDIO..  theres only 3 /2 reasons why this audio hasnt been either 100% completely 'shows MB threatening the officer and going for his gun with the possible quotes like "WHAT WHITEBOY..?? HUH WHATCHU SAID TO MEH??"  then the cop ' sir i said get on the side of the road'  BROWN GUY "man fuck that cracka' D.JOHNSON ' yo mike stall him out son u gonna go to jail you' BROWN HIGH ON WEED ' MAN IM TIRED OF THIS CRACKAS'  then when officer DARREN WILSON exits his vechile u hear him saying get back and then a struggle with word like ' GET OFF MY GUN UNHAND ME WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OFF ME.. then gunshots,,GET DOWN and a few more shots.. OR REASON 2  cop just sees them and is SUPER RACIST  RIGHT  cause  well as u all know when the criminal is black then the officer whos white MUST BE A RACIST ..sarcasm.. but then the cop just says GET ON THE GROUND NIGGER  shoots him in the head  then 5 more times  ..LOL  or like the police have said reason 3 1/2  is he DIDNT EVEN HAVE CAR AUDIO  or that it just wasnt working..

all im saying is this,,if mike brown had been tazered or had lived from a few shots  OR HADNT EVEN BEEN SHOT OR TAZERED AND JUST COMPLIED WITH THE DIRECT ORDER TO GET ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD  he would be alive..alive and sitting in jail for strong armed robbery and assault..even if tazered or alive from shots STILL IN JAIL and for a couple more charges like resisting arrest and attempted murder.. 

now im sure  some people are gonna read this and think  BUT HASKEL THE COP DIDNT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE ROBBERY..  correct,,but you know who did  MIKE BROWN AND DJ..  and they could have feared going to jail for it and MB  might have thrown his chest out like he did with the clerk..  SOME EVEN SAY  'i didnt know that jaywalking and shoplifting were crimes punishable by death 'like paquets dog' .. this whole banter about UNARMED KID  reminds me of TRAYVON MARTIN..  the similarities are clear in a way that some tweeter pointed out..  BOTH BLACK..both walking home after an episode with blunts in a store..(u forget the trayvon blunt story).. both 'allegedly' assaulted the 'authorty figure' (we know traytray did  still unsure about the Brown guy).. BEN CRUMP for both families..they werent UNARMED  when the other person in the story has a gun..  boneheads dont understand that shit..  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

AOTM nominee Jasmine NewYorrrk

nominee NewYorrrk 
  • Caster
    newyorrrk: im on a diet
  • Blue_Medic_beta: can last time you casted you had blonde hair
  • iNFAMOUsTreeFROG: diet for what?
  • Xen: why/
  • Caster
    newyorrrk: for sex
  • Blue_Medic_beta: are you virgin?
  • iNFAMOUsTreeFROG: dont choke urself with ur own hair
  • Caster
    newyorrrk: i am

  • Read more at  jajaja heres a couple pics 

    .. i wonder if she has a myfreecams azn of the month ..we know this chick does m1zzlaurararararararararajajaja


    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Guest Failure ill explain

    IN FACT  sorry Guest Worker  i dont mean to call YOU  a fail for this error  but ill explain the other day im checking out the Toolshit (woodshed) and i see a DEEEEEEEN blog written by Guest Worker (maybe dfw)..  so i check out the archive and im like WHAT WHAT WHAT..!!?? according to the blog theres a guy on deeeen channel making weird faces  BIG MOUTH SMILES  ..  its a short clip  ,,but at the end u see another man who looks like the profile picture on the DEEEEEEEN account..  so i ask  IS THE SMILING FACE MAN DEEEEEEEN OR THE OTHER GUY..!!

    HERES some pics

    so on macs blog i left a few comments  abut how i thought they got it wrong  ..but the anon thinks IM  likely they could be BROTHERS  but u can see how much BETTER looking the short haired man NEXT TO SMILEY GUY is..  same as the HOT GUY in the profile pic.. i cut out one or two of the comments on the blogpost to make room ..


    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    doidoi 22 yrs old


    *EDIT*     some ppl in her MFC chat were asking if she had her tits done..and some in the comments here as well.. whats ur take on it..

    JAJAJA  A.O.T.M.