Sunday, March 22, 2015

spring AOTM haskel420 azn march pt2

lets see if this works..hoihoi

ill post other things than leave suggestions on the next blog post..which will be posted ABOVE this blog post..jajajja  i might do a blog about martese johnson..hes a racist black man..

vid if works..


Saturday, March 7, 2015

A.O.T.M. Haskel420 asian of the month March 2015

this months submission AGAIN  ,,might as well post this before blogspot changes its rules later this month..

rararara doi doi doi doi doi

those nipples man  DAMN


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

what a bunch of hooey girl 27

this shit made me crack up ,,all the way to the channel ban for calling out the site on their failed Hooeygirl27 was in a library or sumtin,,but had alot of books around..i see in the chat missscruffy talking some shit about her having KIDS VOICES ON CAMERA.. JUSTT HE VOICES  not the kids themselves just the voices.. telling if they were under18 or anything  BUT  i had just entered,,and saw this..

 ^^lol lawsuits..??
 didnt wanna make this PUBLIC  lol..
 good point Warden,, even better point Haskel 

jajaja NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHAT I SAY  yes i know this..but it struck a fucking nerve with her since she banned me from the channel  :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

pearl jamming part420 vaggy oy oy

VAGINA HAIR IN AN INVERTED CROSS..  ive done that as my landing strip going right now.. WOW


 hairy oy oy


 nice shirt
 like a Prussian Davey Crockett


 shes reading this caption



pearl jamming part3 oy oy oy oy

still waiting on that SEXTAPE.. have fun fapping to these..ive dropped 3 loads already to these..i feel dehydrated and sore and im out of anallube..on a related note i had a wild sexdream about mariana_lee..SHES ANTI ANAL  and i was all up in her a convict on a fresh FISH


beautiful nipples DOI DOI STYLE

 more plaid
 stalk like an Egyptian



 cum not foam
 cacti NO cact you